Exactly what contemporary people need!

SW!SS SYNERGETIC DRINK stands for a complete beverage philosophy, that brings in all of the right needs of the contemporary user into one product.


  • Refreshes with a natural, pleasant taste
  • Provides a considerable contribution of the body’s daily provision of vitamins and minerals
  • Revitalizes naturally body and soul
  • Is the first real ‘round-the-hour’ refreshment for all customers

The best heritage that a beverage can have: Switzerland!

Already the name and the distinctive trappings reveal the origin of SW!SS SYNERGETIC DRINK: the Switzerland – a country that stands for naturalness, quality and innovation!. SW!SS SYNERGETIC DRINK was developed in collaboration with leading beverage technologists, food engineers and nutritionists. Crucial development phases were backed by representative consumer tests – and derived insights considered with the other steps. The overall concept of SW!SS SYNERGETIC DRINK is consistently geared to the current needs of the market.

Trendy Look

In addition to the multifunctional effect; SW!SS SYNERGETIC DRINK, attracts with it’s clear and original appearance, originated from the Swiss flag with the famous cross with a red background – one of the best, international logos of the world. Around the world, Switzerland symbolizes the elementary values of innocence, dependability, trust and security, and at the same time, a high, aesthetic culture. With this, SW!SS SYNERGETIC DRINK not only impresses through its design, but also tends to in itself initiate a spontaneous sale, while directly supporting a positive consumer experience – this is the DRINK that everyone wants to be seen with.